This website is dedicated to the candlestick telephone. After the invention of the telephone in 1876, the candlestick (or desk stand) was manufactured from 1892 through the 1920's. During this period there were hundreds of independent phone companies and even more unique candlesticks in production. My passion (obsession) has been to build the finest collection of original, rare candlestick telephones in the world. For me, there is no greater thrill than locating and acquiring a rare candlestick telephone and adding it to this collection.

We have designed the website to display a wide variety of candlestick telephones from the collection. It is also designed to be interactive, making it easy to buy, sell and trade antique phones as well. Over the years my search for candlesticks has resulted in the acquisition of a lot of duplicates (some extremely rare), but also wall phones, desk phones and accessories. We will list some of these for sale from time to time. More importantly, I am always searching for original, unique candlesticks and would appreciate the opportunity to discuss buying or trading for any candlestick you may come across. I have purchased telephones from all over the world and can guarantee a smooth, safe transaction.