American Bell Telephone 1886 long distance transmitter (Original)


1886 Long Distance Transmitter (Western Electric Company)
Western Electric Company
The very first long-distance telephone produced by the newly formed AT&T.
Mint, original condition


In 1885 the American Bell Telephone Co. launched a new long-distance division, determined to compete with Western Union for long-distance service, and to grow the Bell System beyond the local limits that were restricting expansion.  The new company was called American Telephone & Telegraph.  In 1886, AT&T introduced their very first long-distance transmitter.  This is it. This model used a platinum diaphragm for better long-distance transmission. Alexander Graham Bell and Theodore Vail, President of American Bell Telephone Company, both used a telephone like this after its invention.  This telephone is so rare, the Smithsonian does not even have one in their collection.  The last picture is a photo of this model from the Bell Labs archives.  Without question, one of my favorite telephones.


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