American Electric manufactured for Rev-O-Noc H.S.B. & Co.


straight shaft (Rev-O-Noc H.S.B. & Co.)
Rev-O-Noc H.S.B. & Co.
Excellent, original condition.


Hibbard, Spencer, Bartlett & Co. (H.S.B. & Co.) was a pre-1914 hardware store and distributor.  They used the name Rev-O-Noc as their trade name (private label) to put on products that were sold through their stores but manufactured by someone else.  In this case, American Electric (see the shield cut-out in the switch hook) manufactured this desk stand and allowed H.S.B. & Co. to put their Rev-O-Noc brand on it.  H.S.B. & Co. also put their brand on guns and ammunition along with other specialty items sold in an early hardware store, like scales. The scan is from an original Rev-O-Noc product catalog. Very rare telephone from about 1910.


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