B-R Electric & Telephone Manufacturing Company desk set


Medallion (B-R Electric & Telephone Manufacturing Company)
B-R Electric & Telephone Manufacturing Company
Outstanding original condition


This is another beautiful and unique desk set. Manufactured by the B-R Electric & Telephone Company, it has a distinctive, solid cast aluminum base and body with nickel plated switch hook and marked transmitter and a very rare aluminum “Whisper it” mouthpiece. This telephone is sitting on a marked B-R Electric bell box which was similar, but not original to this telephone. Extremely rare, original telephone from 1905 - 1910. The B-R Electric and Telephone Company was established in Kansas City in 1903 with the merger of the Kansas City Telephone Mfg. Company and the B-R Electric Company.  The catalog images are from a B-R Electric, Kansas City catalog, 1908.


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