Chisholm & Dunn Telephone Appliances Ltd. unique desk set.


straight shaft (Chisholm & Dunn Telephone Appliances Ltd.)
Chisholm & Dunn Telephone Appliances Ltd.
Outstanding original condition, metal mouthpiece is a reproduction.


OK, so this is not technically an American made telephone, but it is North American made. Chisholm & Dunn Telephone Appliances Ltd. was a Canadian company. I have it listed because it is one of the most beautiful and unique telephones ever made.  It is extremely lightweight and fragile (and rare).  The round, multi-tiered base has markings all the way around it and the tiny transmitter is stamped as well. The unique switch hook is holding a "Solid" outside terminal receiver. The manufacturing company address in Ontario eventually became the address of Bell-Canada so it is feasible that Chisholm & Dunn was acquired by Bell in the early 1900s and any phones they had in stock were probably destroyed.  In the early 1900s many independent telephone companies provided service in Ontario and Quebec.  The metal mouthpiece is a reproduction, but the telephone is original and very rare.


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