Clark Automatic Telephone Switchboard Company No. 7 goose neck desk stand.


goose neck (Clark Automatic Telephone Switchboard Company)
Clark Automatic Telephone Switchboard Company
Outstanding original condition (except for wrinkles on the original plastic cover on dialing wheel).


Very rare Clark Automatic No. 7 goose neck table top desk set with 74 station Clark Automatic dial. Marked transmitter with heavy round base. Callers would turn the dial wheel to the extension they wanted to reach, then lift the receiver and push the button on the side of the phone to buzz the party on the other extension. Please see the wonderful article and ad for this telephone in the June 1902 Electrical World and Engineering magazine, plus multiple scans from various catalogs. The clear cover on the dial wheel (I think it's plastic) has wrinkles in it, otherwise the telephone is in mint original condition.


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