Kellogg Switchboard and Supply Company straight shaft desk set.


early straight shaft (Kellogg Switchboard & Supply Co.)
Kellogg Switchboard & Supply Co.
Mint, original condition.


Earliest Kellogg straight shaft desk stand with very heavy cast base. Marked transmitter, steerhorn switch hook and marked Kellogg receiver. Milo Kellogg launched his company several years after the Bell patents expired in 1897 and built Kellogg into one of the most successful non-Bell telephone companies until it was acquired by ITT in 1952. Kellogg equipment was superior to most other independent providers and made Kellogg one of the very best equipment providers to compete with Bell telephones. Please see the scan of an original January, 1900 issue of Electrical World and Engineer magazine showing this same early model candlestick. Also a scan from an original February, 1902 The American Telephone Journal magazine showing this Kellogg model, plus scans from the Kellogg catalog in 1900.


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