Electrical Engineering Co. desk set.


unique desk set (Electrical Engineering Company)
Electrical Engineering Company
Some nickel loss but fantastic original condition.


Finally!! This is one of the rarest candlesticks I have been chasing for many years, hoping one day to add it to the collection.  There are only three known to exist and I want to thank my friend John Fehl for allowing me the honor of acquiring it. It now has its place among the rarest telephones in the world. There is very little known about this fantastic telephone. There is a big "EE Co"  in script writing surrounded by lightning bolts, right under the transmitter. I have always wondered about the Swedish American transmitter but was told that this phone was used by Swedish American executives for a short time.  Two of the three EE desk sets that I have come across both have the Swedish American transmitter on them. Whether the story is true or not, I beieve the transmitter is original to the telephone. Just above the base is another metal tag that says, "Minnesota Electric Co., Minneapolis, Minn."  Receiver is a Swedish American outside terminal receiver. There isn't a candlestick anywhere that resembles this great telephone.  It is very heavy, the coil and terminal strip are mounted on to the wooden base plate rather than on to the base of the telephone. Outstanding scan from an original April 1897 article in American Electrician magazine shows the earliest version of this telephone with a watch case receiver.


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