Elston Telephone Co. wooden potbelly.


potbelly (Elston Telephone Company)
Elston Telephone Company
Excellent original condition.


Extremely rare Elston desk set.  This is a fantastic original candlestick with a wooden potbelly mounted on a very large round metal base.  Marked transmitter says "The Elston Transmitter".  Short steer horn switch hook and an unmarked outside terminal receiver.  I received the three photographs from the great grand daughter of Henry L. Elston.  The first is of young Henry posing with several of his telephones, including a candlestick.  The second photo is also a young Henry inside his telephone workshop in Muscoda, Wisconsin, and the third is a much older Henry Elston   in the 1930s in one of his telephone company switch board services in Platteville, Wisconsin.


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