Radiguet Mobile (French) desk set.


Mobile (Radiguet)
Mint, original condition.


This beautiful French made Radiguet Mobile was introduced in 1885 and is one of my favorite telephones in the collection. It also happens to be incredibly rare. Just over nine inches tall and so simple in design.  The text (English translation) from a Radiguet catalog: “Small desk telephone with mahogany stand and ‘watch shaped’ receiver, all parts nickeled.  This new model has been specially built to be used in the same cases as the previous apparatuses (no. 1315 to 1320).  The microphone is fixed on a metallic disk, that gives it great solidity while preserving the same sensitivity of transmission.” Please see the scan of an original catalog showing this desk set. Without a doubt, one of the rarest telephones in the collection.


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