J. Wich “Lyre” desk top telephone (French).


Lyre (J. Wich)
J. Wich
Mint, original condition.


One of the most beautiful telephones ever made. Manufactured by J. Wich in Paris and called “Lyre”. Actually, I learned from one of my Australian friends, who is also a collector, that this is referred to by some collectors as the "Lyre Bird" telephone. I'm guessing that the Australian Lyre Bird was named after the Greek stringed instrument, the Lyre. The resemblance is amazing and again, I think it is one of the most beautiful telephones ever produced. I have added pictures so you can see the resemblance of both the Greek instrument and the Astralian bird. This telephone was introduced in 1905 and has an obvious ‘art nouveau’ influence. Intricate detail from the base to the transmitter along the nickel plated, harp shaped metal frame. Mother-in-law receiver hangs from the back. Very few of these survived the past 100 years and this one remains in mint, original condition. This is one of my favorite telephones in the collection.


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