Keystone Telephone Co. No. 43 straight shaft desk set.


straight shaft (Keystone Telephone Co.)
Keystone Telephone Co.
Original nickel is gone, otherwise excellent condition.


Although there was a Keystone Telephone Company introduced in Pittsburg in 1894, The Keystone Telephone Company of Philadelphia began in 1900. American Electric Company acquired the Pittsburg Keystone business in 1898 and by all accounts produced telephones exclusively for the Keystone Philadelphia company from its beginning. This is a very early, original Keystone No. 43 Philadelphia Type desk set.  All of the original nickel is gone but otherewise in great shape. You can see the Keystone Company engraved across the top rim of the transmitter, a model number on the back of the base and the Keystone cutouts in the switch hook. Very rare candlestick. The scan is from a Keystone catalog, 1910.


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