Maryland Telephone Mfg. Company straight shaft desk set.


straight shaft (Maryland Telephone Mfg. Company)
Maryland Telephone Mfg. Company
Excellent, original condition.


This is a desk stand from a short lived company. The Maryland Telephone Mfg. Company launched in Baltimore in 1898 and this candlestick was introduced between 1901-1903. Maryland Telephone’s Baltimore factory burned down in 1904 and no more Maryland telephones were ever produced again.  It does have some similarities to the earliest Kellogg candlestick, like the base, but the transmitter is very unique. Overall, the story behind the brief life of the company that made it, makes this a very special and extremely rare telephone. I've never found another Maryland candlestick. The scan is from an 1898 ad in The Electric World magazine.  It does not show this exact phone but it authenticates the Maryland Telephone Mfg. Co.


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