National Telephone Mfg. Co. 1894 pencil shaft desk set.


short pencil shaft desk set (National Telephone Mfg. Company)
National Telephone Mfg. Company
Missing a cap on the back of the transmitter, otherwise outstanding original condition.


Beautiful National Telephone Mfg. Co. pencil shaft desk set with marked transmitter, marked watch case receiver and "lions paw" feet under the base. This is an incredibly rare and very early telephone, introduced just after Bell's telephone patents were expiring. National Telephone Manufacturing Co. advertised in 1894 that they were selling their telephones to sub-Bell Companies, United States Army Officials, Universities and Colleges of different states, Corporations, Electrical Houses, and the public generally.  They also promised protection guaranteed from any damages arising from alleged infringement. The two scans are from National ads that launched in mid-1894 to promote their telephones.  


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