Strowger (Automatic Electric Co.) 11 digit potbelly desk set.


Strowger 11 digit dial (Automatic Electric Company)
Automatic Electric Company
Mint, original condition.


This Strowger potbelly has an 11 hole dial of the type and design introduced in 1904 and continued in use until about 1911. The additional finger wheel hole was used in order to separate "long distance" from "zero". Ten impulses were delivered by the dial using either zero or long distance. It was thought at the time necessary to add the eleventh hole to avoid confusing the subscriber when dialing a number which contained a zero. The unusual feature of this particular dial is a plug that has been factory inserted into the 11th hole rendering it inoperable. No documentation has been found indication when or why these plugs were inserted, but they have been seen on a few other similar Strowger telephones. The consensus is that the 11th hole was not necessary and thus the plug was added to prevent confusion. This telephone has the later "C" style transmitter, "A" receiver hook and a ring button in the base. This button took the place of the previously required magneto generator.  Various scans from original photographs, catalogs and magazines.


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