Schmidt & Bruckner Electric Co. fluted pencil shaft desk set.


fluted pencil shaft desk set (The Schmidt & Bruckner Electric Co.)
The Schmidt & Bruckner Electric Co.
Fantastic original condition.


This is a beautifully designed Schmidt & Bruckner Electric Co. fluted pencil shaft desk set with a marked transmitter and a metal tag on the wooden base and matching watch case receiver. Lambert Schmidt formed The Schmidt & Bruckner Electric Company in 1897 with Bruckner to install telephone systems.  A disagreement between the two partners ended in a lawsuit which Lambert Schmidt won, resulting in a new company, The Lambert Schmidt Telephone Manufacturing Company, in 1900. This lightweight and pencil thin fluted shaft is so fragile it is amazing that it has survived all of these years in such remarkable condition.  You can see on a different listing (rare telephone #37) the Lambert Schmidt Telephone Mfg. Co. tapered shaft that Lambert Schmidt introduced several years later from his new compnay in 1902. Please also see the photograph of Lambert Schmidt from the year 1900 (courtesy of his great grandaughter). He is wearing medals for marksmanship, one of his loves. There is also a scan from an original article in the March 5, 1898 The Electrical World magazine that shows this fluted pencil shaft.  It is difficult to read the text, but the article heading is "Improved Telephone" and in it, there is a sentence that reads, "The transmitter used by Schmidt and Bruckner is said to be an improvement on the Ericsson Swedish transmitter." 


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