Schmidt & Bruckner Electric Company fluted pencil shaft


fluted pencil shaft (The Schmidt & Bruckner Electric Co.)
The Schmidt & Bruckner Electric Co.
Outstanding original condition.


This is a fantastic companion to the Schmidt & Bruckner fluted pencil shaft with watch case receiver, already in the collection. They are almost identical except that this model is 1-2 years newer, about 1899, because it uses the more recent switch hook.  It is in fantastic original condition and the nickel is in outstanding condition. The transmitter is marked and there is a metal tag on the base. The mouthpiece is metal, and the coil and terminal strip are still in the base.  This is a very lightweight and fragile telephone and very few are known to exist.  The scan is from an 1898 issue of The Electrical World magazine, showing this telephone with an earlier watchcase receiver.


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