Century Telephone Construction Co. straight shaft desk set.


straight shaft (Century Telephone Construction Co.)
Century Telephone Construction Co.
May have been renickled long ago, beautiful condition.


Very rare early version Century desk set. Included with these photos is a scan of an original ad for this telephone in the 1900 issue of Telephone Magazine. The ad says, "We guarantee in this desk set a more efficient, more symmetrical and better formed instrument than any other on the market. Each instrument is fitted with New Century Long-Distance Transmitter, Double Pole Receiver, and is furnished with or without Magneto." There is also a scan of an original article from a November 10, 1900 issue of "Electrical World & Engineer" magazine entitled, "New 'Century' Desk Telephone Set". This candlestick has a marked transmitter and a marked Century receiver. It looks like it may have been renickled in its past.


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