Western Electric Company model No. 3A long distance potbelly desk set introduced by the American Bell Telephone Company in 1895.


No. 3A long distance desk telephone (Western Electric Company)
Western Electric Company
Nickel is worn in places and small dent in potbelly but otherwise outstanding original condition.


Extremely rare Western Electric No. 3A Long Distance Desk Telephone introduced by American Bell Telephone in 1895. Constructed with a piece of spun sheet brass fitted over a heavy iron casting for the base and a spun brass handle. It is equipped with a high resistance White Solid Back 7 digit beveled edge transmitter code no. 229 and a code no. 101 long pole receiver. Very heavy cast iron base and telescoping shaft allowed the user to fit the transmitter to a comfortable height for conversation. This particular 3A has a unique stamp on the back of the perch, it says, “NY & NJ T CO”.  It is mounted on a thin wooden base that looks original to the phone.  This is a beautiful, completely original and extremely rare telephone. The scan is from a Western Electric catalog in 1899.


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