Western Electric Company No. 30A 100 station peg dialer


No. 30A peg dialer (Western Electric Company)
Western Electric Company
Mint, original condition. Including the original switching apparatus. This is a museum piece.


Extremely rare Western Electric No. 30A 100 station peg dialer. This was introduced in Queens, New York in 1902 and then about 40 other systems in small communities in the northeast. This small switching system exchange was Bell's answer to a dialing system, but it was only temporary. Most of the systems had to be discontinued when they outgrew the maximum connectible size of the system (100 lines). These were produced by Western Electric between 1902 and 1904. Bell discontinued the Queens system after 1904. It wasn't until 1916 that Bell bought all the automatic dial patents from Automatic Electric Company and then introduced a real dial telephone in 1919. Pictures also show the original switching apparatus. It has a glass cover, like a pyrex dish. Very complex switching system and one picture of the elaborate wiring underneath. This is a museum quality telephone & switching system combination that has historical significance in the earliest days of the telephone. The telephone is rare enough but you may never find another original switching system.  


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