Western Electric Company Solid Cast Brass Potbelly Desk Stand made for the American Bell Telephone Company.


Solid Cast Brass Potbelly (Western Electric Company)
Western Electric Company
Excellent, original condition.


Beautiful Western Electric Solid Cast Brass Potbelly Desk Stand made for the American Bell Telephone Company. This model does not have a code number assigned to it but is listed as an 1895 cast brass desk stand in the 1936 Bell Telephone Laboratories Historical Museum documents. Single button in the base. Marked American Bell transmitter, short switch hook, OST pony receiver. The closed loop switch hook would indicate that this was a later model, probably 1898-1900.  You will see in the pictures that I have just added to the collection the exact cast brass potbelly without the button in the base.  These are two almost identical desk sets except for the base button and the slight difference in transmitters. The scan is from an article in the June 8, 1901 issue of Electrical World & Engineer magazine showing this exact potbelly with the button in the base, and claiming that it is produced by Haines & Noyes Company of Chicago. There is also a scan from an original ad in the January, 1901 edition of Electrical World & Engineer showing this telephone. So maybe Western Electric allowed other companies to use their potbelly for private label during this brief window or maybe the Haines & Noyes Company of Chicago was a subsidiary of Western Electric or Bell Telephone. Either way, these are two extremely rare telephones and both are in fantastic original condition, including original baseplates and all terminals and wires under the base. 


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