Whitman & Couch Manufacturers potbelly desk set.


potbelly (Whitman & Couch Mfg’s)
Whitman & Couch Mfg’s
Re-nickled, reproduction baseplate, otherwise excellent original condition.


Very rare Whitman & Couch potbelly with marked transmitter, steerhorn switch hook and correct Couch outside terminal long pole receiver (discolored but no damage). This is another variation in the Couch & Seeley, Whitman & Couch collection.  I believe this candlestick has been renickled at some point in its past and has a reproduction baseplate underneath but overall a very rare telephone. Please see the scan of an original article about this telephone in the October 23rd, 1897 issue of The Electrical World magazine, showing this portable desk set. Also a catalog image from 1897.


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