Wilhelm Telephone Mfg. Co. pencil shaft on heavy cast base.


pencil shaft (Wilhelm Telephone Mfg. Company)
Wilhelm Telephone Mfg. Company
Excellent, original condition, baseplate is a reproduction.


This is a beautiful Wilhelm automatic intercommunicating portable desk set with a round cast metal base. It was suitable for offices, banks and other places where the surroundings demanded an elaborate instrument. The Wilhelm double diaphragm transmitter was distinctive and quite unique. 'Solid' outside terminal receiver. Great original celluloid tag on the front of base. Wilhelms are some of the most beautiful, desirable and collectable candlesticks around. The scan is from an original Wilhelm sales brochure showing the fluted shaft version of this cast base telephone. This phone does have the wires and coil in the base, the baseplate is an identical reproduction.


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