Wilhelm Telephone Mfg. Co. potbelly desk set.


potbelly (Wilhelm Telephone Mfg. Company)
Wilhelm Telephone Mfg. Company
Re-nickled, beautiful original candlestick.


One of the most beautiful telephones ever made. This is a Wilhelm automatic inter-communicating portable potbelly desk set. It is suitable for offices, banks and other places where the surroundings demand an elaborate instrument. The Wilhelm Double Diaphragm transmitter is unique and easy to recognize. Walter Wilhelm commenced the manufacture of telephones in Buffalo, NY in 1895. His entire product was sold and installed in that vicinity. By 1910 his company shipped telephones to all parts of the world and sent construction gangs all over the United States and Canada to install exchanges. This is an original telephone that has been re-nickled so that you can see what it looked like when it came out of the assembly room.


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